Long Lost Cuzzins

 Johnson Lineage in America [under construction - read what's here now and keep checkin back]

 The line that I descend from is  highlighted in RED [ I think I counted 7  Grandfathers, LOL]

Plantation& Slave ownership & Civil  War history is highlighted in GREEN

Other war  history is highlighted in ORANGE

Religious history is highlighted in PURPLE

Twin or multiple births highlighted in BROWN

Military History is highlighted in LAVENDER

Johnson Cemetery Burials [Union County] Highlighted in BLUE

Historical Writings in magenta

Instances where a Johnson married a Johnson highlighted in PINK - sometimes there may be a place or 2 in our family history where it appears that  the "family tree don't fork" [tee hee] -but there were also instances where a living brother would marry his dead brother's widow, like when Edmund Johnson married his older brother George's widow Elizabeth Durham-  I have not taken the time to figure  out which is which, but if you want to do that, be my guest!

A note about ROANE COUNTY - I am unsure in some instances whether the Roane County listed in the book is referring to VA or TN - I'm assuming it's a reference to Roane Co. TN

A William Johnston arrived in VA in 1635, followed by John and Walter Johnson in 1638, with Edmund arriving the following year in 1639. It is indicated that John, Walter and Edmund were closely related, and all established Johnson lines, with Edmund being our ancestor.

Here are the generations:

Edmund Johnston - born in Scotland

1 generation to be born in America-James Johnston [younger brother of the other James Johnston]

2nd generation -George Presley Johnson

3rd generation -George Johnson

4th generation -Vardemon Johnson

5th generation -George Humphrey Mount Johnson

6th generation -George Washington Johnson

7th generation -Hubert Oscar Johnson SR

8th generation -Hubert Oscar Johnson JR [ my father ]

9th generation-Eric Johnson  [ my brother ] - Michael Johnson [ my cousin ]


Edmund Johnston-wife unknown -

[my great great great great great great great grandfather - 7 Xs]

father of the 1st generation  of Johnsons to be born in America that started "our line"                                                                                                                                                                                                                  From Annandale, Dumfriedshire Scotland to Jamestown, VA in 1639, probably Northamptonshire, VA until 1642 when sponsored into  Isle Of Wight [Isle of Wight County,VA] His sponsor was "Francis Mason" if I am not mistaken.

His had 2 sons named James. His second son named James was a plantation owner in Brunswick County, VA

1-Son-William Johnston -Isle of Wight County VA, 1719, Will.

Wife-Sarah Fulgham - Isle of Wight County VA, daughter of Anthony Fulgham 

2-Son- Benjamin Johntson - Isle Of Wight 

Wife- Mary Mason - Daughter of Francis Mason, Surry County VA 

3-Son- James Johnston -Isle Of Wight Co, VA, Married 1692, Will 1746                                        

Wife- Mary Johnson - Daughter of Robert Johnson 

4-Son  - James Johnston 1st generation born in America- X wife Catherine Durham*

[my  grandfather - 6Xs]

James willed part of his plantation in Brunswick County VA to my great uncle 5Xs removed whose name was Benjamin and another part of it to my great uncle 5Xs removed whose name was Franklin - I assume that since James had a plantation, that he also probobly owned slaves because his son Benjamin willed about 15 slaves to his children - [possible historical writing]William Still [underground railroad] kept a list of slave-owner names and  mentions a Benjamin Johnson in his diaries, I am unsure as to whether or not he speaks of our Benjamin Johnson                                                                                                                                           

yes, there were 2 James Johnstons that were brothers, I descend from the 2nd James]                                             Isle of Wight Co, VA to Brunswick County VA, Will dated January 12th, 1785 



James Johnson and Catherine Durham* Married 1742 - Will probated 8/22/1785 

moved from Isle of Wight county VA to Brunswick County VA

He owned land in Brunswick and Lunenburg according to his will

1 - Benjamin Johnson X Isabella Jackson married 5/26/1772                                                                                           [list of decendants to follow] [ my great uncle 5Xs removed]

Inherited plantation in Brunswick County Virgina - slave owner according to his will

2- Frederick Johnson [my great uncle 5Xs removed]

Inherited plantation in Brunswick County VA - likely a slave owner

3-George Presley Johnson - 2nd Generation X Elizabeth Durham* [B. Foshee Cemetery]

[my  great grandfather - 5 Xs removed]

                                                                              [Elizabeth lived from 6/16/1760 til 6/16/1841]  

Records indicate that George Presley Johnson served in the Revolutionary War.  Elmo was able to secure from the General Service Administration the Revolutionary War record of a George Johnson from Brunswick County which we have every reason to believe to be our George Presley. If this assumption is correct, he was a member of the 3rd and 4th Virginia Regiment. He enlisted for a term of 3 years and was paid seven and one half third dollars [2 pounds, 4 shillings] per month. He was listed as a "Drummer or Fifer" for his company on every muster roll. The muster rolls show him at Morristown [probobly New Jersey], Philadelphia, Valley Forge, White Plains, and Middlebrook, as well as several other places. Service records indicate that George's health was not good, as he was on sick call a number of times and on certain occasions was on "sick furlough to the Southward in Virgina." It can be well imagined that the hard life of the Revolutionary War took a tremendous toll of his health. He evidently died shortly after the Revolutionary War.    

                                                                                                                                                                                      Read more about the Duties of a Drummer or Fifer at   http://www.revwar75.com/library/rees/musician1.htm  where an article by John Rees states  "The position of a fifer or drummer was not necessarily an easy one to fill. They were expected to learn the many tunes played in the army, from popular melodies like "Roslyn Castle" to practical beats such as "Water Call" or "Roast Beef." In an eighteenth century army music was used to transmit orders and to regulate the daily routine of the soldiers. In camp the reveille and tattoo denoted the beginning and end of the soldier's day. Other calls signaled the men to assemble for meals or for detachments to gather wood and water. If the army was ordered to march the routine of the troops prior to setting off, and the accompanying music, was adjusted accordingly. While on the move music provided a cadence to regulate the rate of march, and in battle, drums and fifes could transmit or supplement the commands of the officers and would hopefully bolster the morale of the soldiers to some degree.1


     1-George Johnson -3rd  Generation X Nancy Buckner -                                                                                      married 9/5/1805                                                                                                                                                      [George lived from 3/12/1775 til 1/18/1852]                                                                                                              [Nancy lived from 4/1/1791 til 11/25/1876 and is buried at Johnson Cemetery] 

[List of decendants to follow]

4-James Johnson

5-Edmund Johnson X Elizabeth Durham* [widow of George][B. Foshee Cemetery]                                                [Edmund lived from 6/10/1763 til 4/6/1853]


Benjamin Johnson and Isabella Jackson [an affluent widow] married in 1772

Benjamin was a slave owner because at the time of his death, he owned atleast 15 slaves. According to his  last will and testament dated December 5th 1812 and proved on July 26th, 1813,  he "wills"  3  women to which he refers  as  "negroes" who were  named Mary, Moll, and Polly, to his wife Isabella, along with the crop made on the plantation, the land and plantation where they lived, the working utensils, his blacksmiths named Peter and Hubbard, household and kitchen furniture, all other stock on the plantation and 2 horses of her choice. He also gives to his son Benjamin 2 slaves named EDMUND and Lewis. It's possible that he or another Johnson relatiove may have fathered Edmund because Edmund is a Johnson family name that occurs several times throughout our Johnson family history. It appears that  Benjamin's brother is named Edmund. Ironically, his grandsons, Elisha and James would later fight for the Union and die in a Confederate prison camp.

1-Betsey Johnson married a Smith

2-Jane Johnson married a Goodwin

3-Tabitha Johnson married a Browder

4-Allen Johnson

5-Julius Johnson

6-Gregory Johnson

7-Littleberry Johnson [inventory of his estate ordered recorded 11/25/1826, listing him deceased]

After leaving Knox County, Littleberry was ordained as a minister in July of 1837 and was a widely known preacher in Paint Rock Valley in Roane County.  

It is interesting to note that Littleberry's  sons Elisha Albert and James Lafayette were Union soldiers and died in a Confederate prison camp in Andersonville, GA in 1864,  because thier grandfather Benjamin was a slave owner and Littleberry's father Benjamin willed to him a  slave named "Little Hubbard" which may have been the son of Benjamin's blacksmith named "Hubbard"

8-Benjamin Johnson

9-Sylvanus Johnson

10-Polly Johnson married an Orgain

11-Anderson Johnson [to inherit homesite]

the above heirs of Benjamin Johnson, Brunswick County VA wer established from his will, dated 12/5/1812 and proved 7/26/1813


Edmund Johnson and Elizabeth Durham

Edmund lived from 6/10/1763 til 4/6/1853 and Elizabeth lived from 6/16/1760 til 6/16/1841 

1-Seth Johnson X Martha York - married October 20th 1814 

list of descendants to follow

2-Benjamin Johnson X Sarah Bledsoe

list of descendants to follow

Seth and Benjamin bought tracts in Stockton Valley and the Johnsons owned most of Stockton Valley- the spot where most of them lived was called "Johnsontown"

3- Tempy Johnson X James Parker

4-Rebecca Johnson

5-Littleberry Johnson X Edith George

list of descendants to follow

6-Joab Johnson X ____________

          1. Lucinda Johnson Smith

7-Nancy Johnson  X  Issac Gaylon   


Seth Johnson and Martha York

Seth lived  from 4/26/1792 til 10/16/1856 and Martha lived from 1/1/1797 til 4/1/1876

1-Sarah Johnson X Sam Wilson

Daughters may be Sarah Webster and Margaret Cox

2. Henry Johnson

1. Jehu Johnson  2. John Johnson

3. Lucinda Johnson X Francis Johnson

4. Elizabeth Johnson X Fox

5. Washington Johnson

6. George Johnson

7. Nancy Johnson X Elkanah "Kern" Brogdon

8. Alfred Johnson X Margaret Whitley [Arkansas]

9. Jensey Johnson X Culvahouse

10. William Johnson X Whitley [Arkansas]

12.Nicholas Johnson X Barsheba M. Bowman

13. Jehu T. Johnson X Ellen J. Leonard

14. Jesse Johnson X Susan E. [Betsy] Patty

Jesse had a son who served as Sherriff of Lunenburg County VA- the only lawman Elmo found

1. John Johnson X Kyle

2. Joseph Johnson X Sina Mae Dunbar

3. Walter Johnson X Millie Billingsly

4. Felix Johnson X Nora Cooley

5. Martha Johnson X Cox

6. Laura Johnson X Huffine

7. Issac Johnson

8. Sarah Johnson X Crow


                        Joseph N. Johnson 1872-1943 X Sina Mae Dunbar 1876-1967

1. Emmett Johnson

2. Myrtle Johnson

3. Jewel Johnson

4. ___________ Johnson and Tom J. Gibson

5. Hazel Johnson


15. Berry Johnson 5/15/1841- ?  X Nancy Ellen Johnson 1841 -? [Daughter of Vardemon Johnson]

1. Jehu Johnson X Elizabeth Jane Davis

1. Ida Belle Johnson X Harvey Craig Sr.

2. Charles Johnson X Agnes Bradley

3. Naomi Johnson X P E Tillery

4. Hayworth Johnson X Dean Beatty

Jehu's first wife died and he married Minnie Harrington and they had

5. Roy Johnson X Virgina Foster

1. Timothy Johnson

2. Sharon Johnson

2. Louisa Johnson X Chessie Davis

    Louisa Johnson X Johnnie Davis

1. Frank 2. Stella 3. Ruth

    Lousia Johnson X Tom Woods

4. Anna Woods X Ernest Keith

1. Mary 2. Bill 3. Betty 4. Troy 5. Elaine


Benjamin Johnson X Sarah Sally Bledsoe

1. Clara Johnson

2. Levi Johnson X Susan Brogdon

list of descendants to follow

3. Sterling Johnson X Nancy Johnson [Daughter of George]          

list of descendants to follow

4. Lucinda Johnson

5. Winnie Johnson

6. George Watson Johnson

7. Hannah D Johnson

this list of 7 children is according to 1850 Roane County Census, and the birth dates were ascertained according to reported age at that date, however, accordin gto family records of John E.L. Johnson, Benjamin and Sarah had a child named Washington [ which may have been Levi Washington] as well as a Caroline, Edmund [reported to have died in infancy] and Richard.

1850 Roane County Census report Sarah Bledsoe born in North Carolina


Levi Johnson X Susan Brogdon

1. James Johnson

2. W. R. Johnson X Margaret

3. Rufus

4. Sarah

5. George W. Johnson X Nancy Blair

     1. John Edgar Levi Johnson X Cora Galon

      1. J. C.    2. Reba    3. Donald   4. Mary Ruth

John Edgar Levi Johnson was visited by Elmo and his 300 acre farm

 at that time was on Highway 58 in Roane County.

He was described as having a "depth of sincerity and gentle charm"

a political conservative, a church clerk in Shiloh Baptist Church and clerk of the Hiwasse Baptist Association

he was also a magistrate of the Roane County Court

George W. second marriage to Maggie Miller [buried at Foshee]

     2. Margaret Miller Johnson

6.  Andrew

7. Larkin Johnson


In Grainger County records appears the following entry, dated December 26th 1850 "Samuel Gill to Larkin Johnson------Negro woman named Mary for $600 28-30 years old" This transaction was signed by W. Easly JR

     1.Bronce Johnson X Vera

     2. Oma Johnson X Oran

         1. Emma Ruth Oran X Duff

    3. Bonnie Johnson X Ault

8. Mary Ann Johnson

9. Nancy Johnson


Sterling Johnson X Elizabeth Johnson

1. Nancy Josephine Johnson X William Gaylon

     1. J. L.         2. Sterling

2. Lodena Brownlow Johnson X Thomas R. Scott

      1. George Dewey Scott  

       2. Charles Scott

       3. Wilma Scott X Elmer Eblen [harriman]

            1. Lodena Eblen X William Anderson

3. Infant son [Johnson cemetery - Union County ]

4. William LaFayette Johnson  [June 26, 1868 - Feb 4, 1937]


Littleberry Johnson X Edith George

1. Travis Johnson - He with his family living in Lebanon, MO during the Civil War, died in LuClede Co. MO.

2. Silas Johnson X Elizabeth Clark

list of descendants to follow

3. Parnick Johnson X Sarah Barnard

4. Parley Johnson X Vance Marney

5. Nancy Johnson

6. Rachel Johnson

7. Rebecca Johnson

*8. Elisha Albert Johnson 3/10/1840-6/18/1864 died as a Union soldier in a Confederate prison camp-grandfather Benjamin and father Littleberry were slave owners

9. Elizabeth J. M. Johnson X Sam Pair

*10. James LaFayette Johnson 11/17/1844-6/19/1864 died as a Union soldier in a Confederate prison camp-grandfather Benjamin and father Littleberry were slave owners

11. Lewis Columbus Johnson X Nancy A. [buried at Foshee]

      Lewis Columbus Johnson X Sarah Dixon

*Enlisted in Union Army on 8/10/1861, captured by Rebels near Rogersville, TN on 10/16/1863, taken to Richmond, VA, improsoned at Bell Island during winter of 63-64, transferred to Andersonville, GA, March 15th 1864, where they died in May or June-copied from Dan Johnson notes

list of descendants to follow


Silas Johnson X Elizabeth Clark - Prospect Cemetery, Loudon County

1. Sarah Anne Johnson

2. Edith Jane Johnson

3. Littleberry Andrew Johnson X Missouri Etta Alston

4. Parnick Johnson

5. John Columbus Johnson X Melvina Francis

1. Lester Johnson  2. Charles Johnson 3. Edgar Johnson 4. John Johnson

Edgar, according to "GUS" was killed in the Battle of Meuse-Argonne, France in World War 1

5. Berta Johnson X Fred Caldwell                  6. Cora Johnson X Dillinham [Calif]

7. Jesse Johnson     8. Ann Johnson 

9. Augustus Columbus "GUS" Johnson X Elizabeth Brown

Gus spent 24 years in Cincinnati,10 in New York with Westinghouse Electric, Union Switch, and Signal Company

1. John Ward Johnson Sr. X Virginia Perry

Electrical Engineer, Battle of the Bulge/France, member of the Bar, successful painting contractor

     1. John Ward Johnson Jr. X Nancy Nelson

second marriage to Pauline Gordon

    2. Ronald Gordon Johnson X Audrey Tracey Ramsey

    3. Sandra Elizabeth Johnson

2. Augustus Columbus Johnson Jr. X Constantia Hammon

taught at George Washington University, was doing classified work with the space agency in the 60s, twice nominated by his party as a congressional candidate, defeated both times, Fairfax County VA, his daughter Murial was born while he and his wife were in Instanbul, Turkey

     1. Murial Johnson   

3. Edgar Johnson X Olivia Sgneo

he volunteered for paratroop duty when called into service

After the Battle Of The Bulge,on 2/1/1945, he was

Killed in action in Europe as a

member of the 82nd airborne division

     1. Edgar B. TONY Johnson X Joyce Black

      2. Jeannie Johnson X Reginald Jeffery Bouker [married 1966]

               1. Daughter born 3/7/1967

4. Paul Johnson X ruth Drunan

was recalled into service during the Korean war, commanded a battalion in Korea, worked with the space program in the 60s

1. Elizabeth Rose Johnson

2. Paul Johnson

3. Micheal Durnan Johnson

4. Thomas Clark Johnson

5. Thomas Clark Johnson

5. Katherine Ann Johnson

6. Susan Marie Johnson

7. Cynthia Ruth Johnson

5. Frank Tracy Johnson X Ruth Wilson [married 1952]

1. Ann Johnson

2. Frank Tracy Johnson Jr.

3. Barry Christopher Johnson


Littleberry Andrew Johnson X Missouri Etta Alston [ married March 22, 1874]


Parnik Johnson X Sarah J. Barnard


Lewis Columbus Johnson X Sarah Dixon


George Johnson SR-3rd generation 3/12/1775-1/18/1852 X Nancy Buckner 4/1/1791-11/25/1876 -

[my great great great great grandfather - 4 Xs ]

Married 9/5/1805 -                       

 Buried Johnson Cemetery, Johnson Rd., Union County, TN-

on 12/21/1850, a Knox County Justice of the Peace named Calvin B. Hansard declared that George had served as "a private in the company commanded by Captain Nicholas Gibbs in the 2nd regiment of Tenn. Infantry commanded by Col. Samuel Bunch in the war with Great Briton against the United States declared in 1812, served against the Creek Indians, that he was drafted in Knoxville on or around 1/14/1812 and was honorably discharged on 5/13/1814."

He fought under General Jackson at the Battle of Horse Shoe. A great grandson owned his sword and dagger.

More about the Battle Of Horse Shoe Bend



He bought a farm in Grainger County on Little Bull Run in 1800. I do not know if he was a plantation or slave owner, the book Long Lost Cuzzins does not specify.

 according to Knox County, TN Roadbook 1792-1819 that he was to oversee the building of a section of road in the Bull-Run Grainger County LIne area

*1. Presley Johnson 6/11/1806

2. Hannah Johnson X Jefferson Wyrick

                                information about Hannah is "scant" but someone said she married a Salling

3. Joab Johnson X Elizabeth Smith

4. Vardamon Johnson - 4th generation - 1/4/1814-1896 X Lockey Mitchell #1810 or 1811-1877

5. Levisy Johnson X Jacob Cox

6. Rebecca Johnson X George Long

8. Jacob Johnson X Joan Ailor - married 9/10/1847 **

*birth dates and death dates taken from Johnson Family Bible and Johnson Cemetery Monuments

**marriages taken from Knox County Old Marriage Records

#Estimated dates from US Census

9. James Johnson

10. Elizabeth Johnson X Sterling Johnson

11. Nancy Johnson X Sterling Johnson

12. George Johnson Jr. X Sarah Turner

had a disability involving the feet- probobly a birth defect- it was said he was very advanced in penmanship-became a successful farmer-was a registrar of deeds-applied for a washing machine patent that was never issued, reason unknown- owned a country store


Hannah Johnson X Jefferson Wyrick


Vardamon Johnson - 4th generation - X Lockey

[my great great great grandfather - 3 Xs ]

1. Calvin A. Johnson X Margurate Almeda Rhody

list of descendants to follow

2. John Thomas Johnson X Nancy Jane Hill

3. Nancy Ellen Johnson X Berry Johnson [ Son Of Seth]

4. Sarah E. Johnson X John Westley Johnson

5. William P. Johnson X Nancy C.

     1. Alice Johnson X McFetters

6. George M. Johnson X Lou Cox

     1. Charlie Johnson


7. Jacob M. Johnson

8. Charles Humphrey Mount Johnson -5th generation- 10/2/1850-6/28/1926 X Sarah Elizabeth Beets 3/18/1851-4/12/1930 -

buried in Rockey Hill Cemetery -

list of descendants to follow

9. Joab Mitchell Johnson X Susan Jane Lweis

10. Mary Johnson X Rufus Oaks

11. Issac Johnson X Sarah Barr

list of descendants to follow


Calvin A. Johnson X Margurate Almeda Rhody


Sarah Elizabeth Johnson X John Westly Johnson


Charles Humphrey Mount Johnson- 5th generation  X Sarah Elizabeth Beets

[my great great grandfather - 2 Xs ]

1. Joseph Issac Johnson X Mindy Bell

    1. Elbert B. Johnson X Elizabeth Lane

          1. Lilburn Johnson

     2. Ivy Ethel Johnson X Edward Skeen X ?  Richards

          1. Pauline Skeen X George Wroly R.

              1. Geroge Worley Jr.

3. Dewey Alexander Johnson X mary

4. Roger B. Johnson X Rena Lane[sister to Elizabeth above]

5 & 6 TWINS - died young

2. George Washington Johnson - 6th generation  X Lennie Crawford

[ my great grandfather ]

1. Ernest Eugene Johnson X Katherine Claiborne

      1. Kenneth Johnson 2. Judith Johnson

2. Della Mae Johnson X Howard McCurry

       1. Mildred X Roy Ramsey

        2. Margaret X Henry Devane

         3. Howard X Jean Sizemore

         4. Ruth

        5. Barbara X George Banyas

        6. Ronald b. 1936 X Cynthia Scott - twin to Donald McCurry

        7. Donald b. 1936 X not married - twin to Ronald McCurry

       8. Myrlene B. 1945 X Morris Himes

3. Buford Charles Johnson - twin to Hubert Oscar Johnson SR. - born 1907 and died 1908

4. Hubert Oscar Johnson SR. born 1907 twin to Buford Johnson- 7th generation  X Frances Webb

My grandfather Hubert Oscar Johnson SR worked for the railroad as a "Switch-Man" - he has no known military history, and he was color-blind


      1. B. Johnson   X D. Williamson 






         D. [male], D.[male], B.[male], S.[female], J [female]. - not sure about the birth order           

       D [male] X Melissa ?

    1 or 2 children, not sure

       D [male]  X ?

    not sure how many children

      2. J. Johnson X C. Cooper




            D.[female], D[male], and E[male], not sure about the birth order

            D.[female] X  ?

                 1. son

                 2. son

          D. [male] X ?

          E. has not been married

      3. Hubert Oscar Johnson Jr. "Bud" - 8th generation 3/29/1939-4/25/2010  X Judith Ann Moore 10/25/1941-

                                                                                                                                      [artist, musician & nurse]




                                                                                      for the benefit of my son J.T.K., I will explain...

my mother Judith Moore 

also has Scottish ancestory through WIlliam Marion Walker

AKA "Black Bill," but her father Jack E. Moore  does not have the Walker

name because Jack comes through a commonlaw wife by the name of

Mary Ann Moore which is why my mother's maiden name was Moore

and not Walker, but the Walkers from which I descend

were from Scotland





Bud graduated from Fleet Sonar School in Key West, Fla. and was an honorably discharged Navy veteran

He worked  at Rhom and Haas, Knoxville,  until he retired in the late 1980s - his Memorial page which includes photos can be found at http://www.youtube.com/budjohnson39

           1. E. L.  Johnson  -9th generation  X  J. L. Lee b. ? - d. 4/4/2008 [New Gray Cemetery-Knox]

E.L. Johnson is an honorably discharged Army veteran & guitarist/musician.



        2. M. A. Johnson X Bryan H.

                              1. Lauren W. H. [only child] X M. Jones

                                             M.A.   X Richard J.

                                                                1. daughter? from previous marriage

                                             M.A.   X Rick M.

                                                                1.daughter ? from previous marriage

      3. M.D. Johnson  " Missi " [webmaster of this site] growlinbellyvendin@yahoo.com   10/8/1968  X B. T. K. 8/19/1965 -                                

 I-Tunes    & http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/star                                                                                                                                                http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/missijohnson   



                                              M.D. Johnson &  B.T.K. married on 5/5/1989

                                                        1. J. T. K. [musician][male][only child] 9/28/1993 [knoxville, tn.]



      4. G. D. Johnson X Gwen ?

            1. M. A.  Johnson [female] X no known marriages

             2. M. Johnson [ male]  9th generation X  no known marriages



5. Ida Pearl {Bobby} Johnson X Myrel Lindsey [ Cincinatti ]

6. Mabel Lorene Johnson X Luther Goins [Lynch, Kentucky]

3. William Jasper Johnson X Lucy Philpot

    1. Mary Della Johnson X

    2. Eula Mae Johnson X Jesse Warren

        1. Patricia b. 1947

        2. Ray Anthony Warren 1949

        3. Barbara Joyce Warren 1950

        4. David Lee Warren 1955

4. James Madison Johnson X Mary Woods

5. Rufux Millard Johnson X Sallie Arminda West

    1. Rufus Floyd Johnson X Velma Raley

           1. Norma Jean Johnson X Floyd J. Bowers

                    1. Debora Kay  2. Angela Gayle

2. Betty Louise Johnson X Albert L. Johnson

           1. Milly Laverne X Robert G. Lawson

           1. David Lee

            2. Robert Charles

3. Ruby Beatrice Johnson X Vestal O. Sanders

    1. Mary Lou Sanders X William Ottinger

            1. Larry Ottinger

4. Edna Mae Johnson X Clifford DeMarcus

   1. Donald Lee DeMarcus X Mary Dew

            1. Danny Demarcus

            2. Jason DeMarcus

5. Mildred Lucile Johnson X A. W. HOneycutt

            1. Wardenna Kay Honeycutt X Scott McClain

                       1. Meliane McClain

            2. Judith Gayle Honeycutt X Larry Basler

                         1. Lynn Basler

6. Charles Elmer Johnson

7. Doris Sue Johnson

8. Bobby Jean Johnson


Joab Mitchell Johnson X Susan Jane Lewis


Issac Johnson X Sarah Barr


George Johnson X Sarah Turner


Lotillie Onslow Johnson X Mollie Chesney


Nancy Lodena Brownlow Johnson X Luther Hankins


Ozea Gordon Johnson X Maude Cox


Richard Esker Johnson X Nancy Jane Chesney X Bertha Skeen


Horace Randolph Johnson X Mary Satterfield


Rebecca P. Nola Johnson X Drayton Pruett


Lucinda Gertru Johnson X Sam Chadwell